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We are at the University of Surrey, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, School of Biosciences and Medicine, Dept. of Microbial Sciences, Guildford, GU2 7XH, Surrey, UK.

We have open positions for self-funded PhD students to work on RNA-binding proteins and the translational control in yeast and cultured human cells. If you are interested, check out our graduate school requirements graduate school and/or contact Prof. Gerber

Current Members

Dr. André P. Gerber, Professor of RNA Biology

Dr. Waleed Albihlal, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Valentina Iadevaia, Postdoctoral Fellow

Jose Lucas Santos, PhD student (co-supervised with Dr. Julie Seibt, Dept. Biochemistry)

Dr. Helen King, Lab manager systems biology



Dr. Ana Maria Matia-González
Dr. Daniela Fiori Gradia (Instituto Carlos Chagas, Curitiba, Brazil)
Dr. Jochen Imig (Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)


Dr. Maikel Wouters

PhD Students

Camila Oliveira Antes, PhD sandwich student (Instituto Carlos Chagas, Curitiba, Brazil)
Dr. Alessia Galgano
Dr. Regula Halbeisen
Raphael Kaeser
Dr. Alexander Kanitz
Dr. Luca Schenk
Dr. Tanja Scherrer

Diploma/ Master Students

Efi Karakitsou (Surrey)
Christian Femmer
Michael Forrer
Olivia Gugger
Gillian Lee Hertlein
Felix Schnarwiler

Project/Summer Students

Polina Reichert (Jacobs University, Bremen)
Mayke Cornelissen, Internship (ROC Midden Nederland, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Anne Meiwald (Surrey)
Alessandra Albertini
Fabienne Bereiter
Mariana Born
Maren Dietrich
Michael Forrer
Oliver Friedli
Katarzyna Hunt
Felix Schnarwiler
Nicolas Strobl
Alexander Svensson